Have the FIA secretly dumped F1 race director Michael Masi?

Formula 1's current race director Michael Masi is left off the FIA's organisation chart for 2022


The ramifications of last season’s controversial Abu Dhabi GP are still being felt in 2022. 

The FIA has released their general organisation chart for 2022, which feature omission of Formula 1 current race director, Michael Masi along with with his collegue Nikolas Tombazis, indicating that the governing body is weighing its options for the upcoming season. 

Masi made headlines when he controversially waved the lapped cars between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen through during last season’s finale at the Yas Marina circuit. 

Whilst this led to a spectacular final lap duel to determine the outcome of the 2021 Drivers’ Championship, many have questioned Masi’s decision and have called into question his abilities as a race director.

The FIA’s organization chart from 2021
The FIA’s organization chart for 2022

It’s possible that the exclusion is temporary, as the FIA conduct its investigation into the events from the last race, but one thing for certain is Masi’s future in the sport is far from clear.


  1. FIA is not going to get ride of Massi or his buddies the FIA IS A DISGRACE TO MOTIR SPORT. We all know that no one wanted Lewis to win his 8th title , it’s disgusting there are enough former F1 Drivers that no the rules of F1 why do they not take one of them. I have my doubts that Lewis will come back. He does not need F1 the way he has been treating is disgusting he has done more for the disadvantage youth in motor sport than anyone other F1 driver he deserves the respect he has equaled all of Schumacher records . Max has been in f1 for how many years how much accidents has he coursed . Also he is going to kill himself or kill someone else with his aggression. The world title was handed to max in the last leg of the race and the way it was done is disgusting. Massi needs to go . Also the new president is wanting to punish Lewis for not attending the gala are u punishing max and Horner who said he needs a miracle for max to win. Why only let the cars between Lewis and Max uncap themselves and not the rest of the field. This behaviour is appalling . Is it that Lewis is black TREATED they want the white man to hold on to the record when in MICHAELS WORDS RECORDS ATE MEANT TO BE BROKEN. He would be very disappointed. Why did the other teams not do something the same day when this took place. All of them kept quiet. If the rest of the field had gone and protested straight after the race they wud have had to look into it. And this is F1 . Not interested in F1 any longer now they have president who was a rally driver who never won a championship or race . I am more than disillusioned .


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